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Stopped Smoking

Since 14th September 2018.

Guake Exit Issue

Running sudo apt install libutempter0 on Ubuntu 18.4 solved the issue for us. But you can fix this without installing libutempter by manipulating the file. You will find out the necessary details if you are looking for Guarke fix #1198 in the Intenet.

How to merge data of folder A with data of folder B?

The following command copies the contents of directory A to directory B, without overwriting existing files.

rsync -a A/ B/

pythagoras theorem

a² + b² = c²

How to dump a PostgreSQL database remotely?

Enter the database password and voila.

pg_dump -h HOST -p 5432 -d DBNAME -U DBUSER -Fc -b -v > database_dump_date.sql

To restore the database, use the following.

pg_restore -h HOST -p 5432 -d DBNAME -U DBUSER -v -c < database_dump_date.sql

We are interested in these things

TRACY is a bug tracking system based on Flyspray. This software is not only good to report bugs for the debugging teams, it is also suitable for other work processes.

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